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Automation and Robotic automation

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Automation and Robotic automation


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Automation and Robotic automation

Within automation, we supply complex solutions from design, construction, production, wiring to the final programming of the machine itself.

We specialize in robotic workstations and so our specialists are holders of several integrator certificates of the most famous robot brands such as:

  • ABB | KUKA | Stäubli

To control the machine, we use control units of the following brands:

  • SIEMENS | BOSCH | BECKHOFF | Allen-Bradley

Thanks to our many years of experience and close cooperation with leading automation technology manufacturers, we offer the most progressive automation solutions. We put emphasis particularly on the safety of all our devices by equipping them with modern safety components so that they comply with strict safety standards. Due to the quality and longevity of our devices, we cooperate only with proven suppliers of components we use.

Single-purpose machines

We supply complex single-purpose machines and devices. Our workstations can be designed as a carousel type or as an individual stations equipped with robotic devices.

The concept of single-purpose workstations with our solution can be:


  • The system consists in 100% control of the required parameters, where the presence or deviation detection from the specified values readings is performed by using sensor devices. This includes for example:

  • Part presence controls

  • Camera controls of correctness loading

  • Deviation controls

  • Measurements of all el. quantities etc.


  • There are devices that separately assemble and screw the product. The screws are usually charged by automatic vibration feeders.


  • Workstations are equipped with a welding device that connects the required parts by weld.


  • These workstations are usually equipped with a laser device intended to perform a certain intervention on the product. This can be used for example when burning DMX code etc.


  • These devices are usually equipped with an appropriate tester to test the given physical quantity, e.g. pressure tests, leak tests, luminous flux tests and more.


  • These devices serve as cleaning machines. The products are cleaned by using different washing drums and tracks. Automatic cleaning devices are mainly used in the chemical and food industry.

Robotic workstation

Industrial robots provide a higher degree of automation technology. Thanks to their accuracy, performance and affordability, industrial robots meet production quality and cost reduction requirements. Furthermore, industrial robots are able to ensure safe part removal from injection molding machines and many others functions.

We provide complex solution which includes:

  • Robotic application design, including computer simulation

  • Complex hardware solution

  • Complex machinery

  • Integration into your existing device

  • Programming off all applications

  • Operator training

  • Ensuring the production and process data collection from these devices

  • Providing service for these devices

These robotic stations can be used in diverse fields, for example:

  • Product assembly

  • Removing the product

  • Product manipulation

  • Glueing, pasting

  • Welding

  • Lacquering

  • Milling

Complex automatic lines

We offer a complex integration of all our products into complete automation lines. Therefore, we will prepare a complex solution of an automated unit for the production of a specific product, without the necessity of the operators involvement.


Assembly jigs

We supply assembly jigs to facilitate human activity and work. When designing, we emphasize accuracy which increase the efficiency of these devices.

We produce jigs of all types and utilizations, for example:

  • Security jig

  • Measuring jig

  • Welding jig

  • Testing jig

  • Filing jig


Assembly workstation

We supply complex workshop equipment, from transfer tables to assembly workstations. We produce custom-made conveyor systems, gravity feeders, rack equipment, small assembly tables and tables.

Machine vision

We cooperate with leading suppliers of camera systems for machine vision. As a result, we are able to produce a machine to meet your demanding requirements.

Our applications can find these utilizations:

  • Camera controls of the right products

  • Product surface quality control

  • Control of correctly assembled part

  • Camera quality detention of paint and spraying colours

  • Camera measurement

  • Camera guidance and positioning of robots and other devices

Transfer and conveyor systems

We also provide transfer and conveyor systems that are used whether for transporting the product between stations, to the storage or for transporting between lines. We offer a whole range of variations of conveyor belts up to complete conveyor transfer systems with which we have a lot of experience, for example from BOSCH Rexroth. These systems are intended to facilitate and speed up the transport of products and their sorting that may occur on these systems. Conveyor systems can also be equipped with robotic manipulators that remove the products from storage and put them in place.

Our solutions can be:

  • Transport of products from stations

  • Transport of products between stations

  • Transport of products to storage

  • Transport of devices to washing lines

Data collection and production process monitoring

We offer complex data collection and storage on all our devices. We provide communication between the customer’s existing storage accounting systems. We are also able to provide complete monitoring of production and faults on all devices, where we subsequently perform basic signal evaluation up to saving states and faults directly in the PLC. We store all data on Microsoft SQL Server, where Microsoft Reporting Services is used for displaying.


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